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Infrared Heat Tunnels

The use of heat shrinkable polymer tubing has become the prevalent choice for the tamper evident packaging of food and pharmaceutical products. These shrinkable bands also provide a low cost packaging solution for multi packs and other products that are hard to process through standard wrapping equipment, or which have annual production volumes which do not warrant the purchase of dedicated equipment.

Also, full color printed sleeves provide the ability to label the product and provide the required tamper evidence in one operation.

Shrink wrapping is a technology now in it's fourth decade. While the applications have changed dramatically, most of the equipment used to process this type of material has not. The standard "hot air" equipment produced by many manufacturers provides less than optimum results as it was designed to shrink a fully over wrapped product whereby the film can "balloon" before it contacts the product to shrink evenly.

Bands and sleeves are open at both ends and contact the product quickly stopping further shrink because the product "sinks" heat away from the shrink polymer. Sleeves and tamper bands require a more concentrated and controlled application of heat.

Our line of shrink systems provide a state of the art solution to today's demanding applications. The proprietary infrared panel design allows for pin point control in the application of heat to the product for optimum shrinkage and uses far less energy than other heater designs. This is due to the construction of the radiant panels that project heat only towards the product and heat the band directly rather than air, much like the sun heats the earth from 93 million miles away. Competitive infrared type systems have heating elements that radiate in all directions wasting most of the energy.



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