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Bottle-Matic bottle labelers enable the user to label all kinds of cylindrical objects by simply inserting the container and pressing a foot switch. Once the foot switch is activated the label is applied at over 4.5″ per second, most water bottles are labeled in less than 2 seconds! This allows the user to quickly remove the bottle and insert another to start the procedure again. Once a rhythm is established bottles are labeled VERY quickly. Loading is a “snap”, just feed the labels between the dispensing tables then through the patented feed-roll assembly and “snap” into place.

Dispensa-Matic U-45

Dispensa-Matic U-45 Label Dispenser: Is a heavy-duty semi-automatic electric label dispenser for labels from 3/8″-4.5″ widths x 3/8″ to any length. This label dispenser advances at over 4″ per second standard (Faster than so called High-Speed machines from competitors), and OVER 10″ PER SECOND with our High-speed version!

Dispensa-Matic U-45 label dispensers are available in 2 versions. Choose either Micro-Switch branded switches, made in USA to our specifications, or name brand photoelectric sensor with integrated IR pulsing technology.

The Photo interrupter contains an onboard IC which sends a precision pulse into the Infrared emitting diode, in varying wavelength. This signal is received by a silicon photo diode and bipolar IC signal processing circuit which processes the incoming light. If the incoming light matches the outgoing signal an object is present, therefore there are no false triggers, or non-triggers!

Our Photo Interrupter or Micro-Switch can detect any kind of label. CLEAR LABELS, Mylar, Foil, Holographic, etc, etc. If it can be peeled, our machine will dispense it!

Our new double pivot design, and sensor combination can be positioned for even the smallest of labels, while remaining far out of the way so labels are easy to grasp.

Butt cut, or die cut compatible!

Multiple row compatible.

Semi-Automatic dispenser, pick, apply, and repeat.

please download the pdf file.

We provide labeling systems for Semi-Automatic and fully automatic applications to the most demanding high speed, high accuracy labeling solutions. Industries we serve include: Produce, Electronics, Distribution Centers, Automotive, Food & Beverage and more! We also offer a multitude of custom labeling systems including conveyors and reject systems. Please contact one of our sales staff to discuss the optimal solution for your labeling project.

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