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Why purchase ServiPak heat shrinkable tamper seals?

Tamper seals are what separates you from thousands or even millions of dollars in product liability lawsuits. Tamper seals are designed to prevent consumers from opening your product, and ultimately tarnishing it for the next person taking the same product off the shelf. At ServiPak, we do not cut corners to supply you with sub standard materials or incorrectly fit seals. Either of these short cuts can inevitably cost you hundreds of times more down the road.


Factors to consider when purchasing shrink bands:

a) Is the shrink ratio sufficient for the bottle? Different plastics have different shrinking characteristics.

b) Is the bottle suitable for a shrink band? Some bottles can accommodate a shrink band, but the shrink band may not accommodate the bottle. The result is a shrink band on a cap that looks nice, but serves no useful purpose.

c) Is a perforation recommended to allow ease of opening with the end user while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the seal?

d) Would a horizontal perforation allow easy opening and at the same time provide tamper evidency?

e) Is a tear tab required?

f) Is the seal sized too tightly so that production and labor costs will exceed expectations even when a slightly looser fitting seal will provide the exact same level of protection?

g) Would a preform seal save hundreds or thousands in labor when compared to a standard shrink band, and yet provide the level of protection required?


All these factors, plus others, combined will determine the suitability and effectiveness of a tamper evident shrink band, and will ultimately determine the product safety that you are providing to the market place.



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